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Why invest with Charles Bridge?

Investment process
Unique strategy

Very few standard instruments allow investors to earn when markets are stagnating or falling. Our fund applies just such a strategy to ensure income even during periods of market uncertainty.

Protecting capital
Conservative approach

We are aggressive in thought but conservative in style. We are willing to sacrifice income in order to protect capital from serious decline. We primarily use sophisticated option strategies in order to reach these goals.

Availability of funds
Monthly liquidity

Although we recommend long-term investment, in order for the client to eliminate volatility and earn on long-term investment ideas our client investments are fully liquid on a monthly basis. Moreover, if the investment is held for three years, profit is tax exempt.

Targeted fund performance

Throughout the lifetime of the fund, performance will naturally fluctuate depending on market development, as well as strategy success.

In the long run, and across the economic cycle, our strategies should yield 4-6% per year.


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Charles Bridge performance
since fund inception until the end of March 2018
independent strategy
We use our own independent investment strategies which have successfully undergone extensive market correction testing. Historically, we have achieved attractive appreciation and, therefore, we employ the high-water mark performance fee, i.e. our share of profits is paid only if a new maximum is reached for the client.
Number of profitable years
since inception
consistency and capital protection
We take capital protection very seriously. That is why, in our investment strategy, we surrender excess revenues to protect our portfolio against high losses.
Charles Bridge surpasses
82 %
of the world's hedge funds
international comparison
For 2015, according to Bloomberg Terminal data, Charles Bridge overcame 82% of hedge funds of the HFRI Macro “Multi-Strategy Index (HFRIMMS)". Over the past 3 years, it has overcome 75% of hedge funds of this index.

hedge funds as alternative investment

Become a co-investor in the Charles Bridge fund

growth in alternative asset investment volume from 2005 to 2015
In 2015, the development and growth of alternative asset investments exceeded 8 trillion USD
hedge fund share of alternative asset volume
Hedge funds are the largest share of alternative assets
higher appreciation compared to S&P 500
200 p.p.
In the long-term, hedge fund performance surpasses stock index performance.
lower risk
HF Index
S&P 500
Largest monthly slump in the 2008 crisis period

We are

Sympatia Financie, o.c.p., a.s.
a Sub-fund of Polaris Finance SICAV p.l.c.

Charles Bridge Global Macro Fund is registered in the Czech National Bank register as a foreign fund of qualified investors who can publicly offer securities in the Czech Republic. It is a sub-fund of Polaris Finance SICAV Plc., which is a collective investment scheme organized as a multi-fund investment company with variable capital under the legislation of the Republic of Malta and licensed by the Maltese financial authority MFSA. The investment license is secured by the Slovak securities broker Sympatia Financie, o.c.p., a.s., the fund is administered by Valletta Fund Services, the largest Maltese fund administrator, and audited by Deloitte Malta.

main indicators
of the group

€30.3 mio.

under management

15 years

on the market


team members


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Whether investment in Charles Bridge GMF is right for you?

Investment in the Charles Bridge fund is particularly suitable for investors who want to diversify their portfolios. The added value of the fund is fully revealed in a nervous market environment, as the fund has the unique function of capital protection, with only partial participation in strong market growth, but also with decline limitation.

Why invest right now?

The classic investment mix (current accounts, bonds, stocks) is currently under threat from the policies of central banks. Interest rates are at technical zero, and even in the negative spectrum in some countries, which makes the future function of portfolio bonds unclear. The Global Macro Fund thus becomes the perfect complement to the classic portfolio, due to its capability of being profitable even under volatile (demanding) conditions. Alternative assets are gaining popularity with asset administrators and now account for more than 20% of the composition of portfolios.

When can you enter the fund and under what conditions can you withdraw?

You can always enter the fund at the end of the calendar month. Because the fund uses exclusively publicly tradable instruments with high liquidity, clients are able to withdraw from the fund free of charge at the end of each month. Monthly liquidity is a great advantage compared to other alternative funds, where the investor is often penalized for withdrawing earlier than after 5-7 years. Our recommended investment horizon is 3 years.

Be one step ahead

Charles Bridge is a regulated fund designed for Qualified Investors. Selected content is hidden to the wider public. Registration is not binding. After registration you will be given access to hidden pages within the website and receive regular monthly fund reports.


Once registered, you will be allowed access to hidden sites offering performance, asset allocation and exclusive analyses, and be able to subscribe to regular monthly reports.


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